Us is a niche boutique property agency introducing off-shore and expatriate investors to premium real estate in South East Queensland – Australia.

We are building the antitheses of a transactional business striving to build strong ongoing relationships focussed on a very high level of customer service and trust at every point of the customer journey.

Lloyd Donaldson’s professional career controlled 2 billion dollars of real estate and tourism assets under management throughout Asia Pacific and being an expatriate for more than 8 years before starting a private real estate investment company that amassed a multi-million dollar South East Queensland property portfolio through identifying a mix of yield and capital growth assets in locations that represented strong growth prospects supported with underlying urban renewal and infrastructure investment.

“I’ve been able to figure out how things should be done in a much better way. I have set out on a mission to right all the wrongs I saw as a buyer and investor, to shake up the industry and give buyers a much better experience” Lloyd Donaldson

“Your approach is informative, consultative and refreshing. Your team members recognise that their clientele are discreet and sophisticated purchasers that do not respond to traditional real estate sales tactics” a client (name withheld)